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Purchasing Mountain Pastured Beef from West Wind Farm

West Wind Farm's Mountain Pastured Beef is sold direct to the consumer. Our focus is on selling our beef by the half or quarter beef (also known as a split half since both fore quarter and hind quarter cuts are included). In summer our beef may be ordered in bulk for delivery in late October. For those with small families or small freezers, mixed-cut "sampler packets" and hamburger-only packets may be ordered as long as supplies last. In either case, delivery is made in the Washington, D.C. - Maryland suburban area. West Virginia residents may call to make special arrangements. Sorry, no shipping.

For bulk orders (whole, half, or split half animals), prices are based on the dressed—or hanging—weight, according to accepted practice by small family-owned farms that sell custom-processed beef.  (Average weight for a split half beef is 110 pounds.) The actual weight of meat received is 25-37% less than the dressed weight, depending on shrinkage during aging, and on your choice of bone-in or boneless cuts. Cost per pound of bulk orders after processing averages $4.00 - $5.50. Orders of half or whole beefs may be cut to individual specifications.  Click here or see below for ordering details about bulk orders.

USDA-inspected mixed-cut sampler packets weigh 10-12 lbs., include steaks, hamburger, and stew meat, and cost $65.00 (average $6.00/lb.). Hamburger-only packets weigh 2 lbs., contain 8 quarter-pound patties, and cost $10.00. Click here or see below for ordering details about packets.



Sample prices for bulk orders, 2002

(Orders may be shared)
Split Half
Deposit amount
Dressed weight (examples)
115 lb.
230 lb.
440 lb.
Price per pound*
Price before butchering
Processing cost (based on weight)
Transport to MD
Total cost

                   *A discount of 10 cents a pound applies for orders received before August 10, 2002,
                 and of 5 cents a pount for orders received August 11-31.


Please contact Martha Holdridge (phone 301-229-2813; fax 301-229-0910; email martha@westwindfarm.biz) for more information and an ordering form.  View the 2002 order form (printable webpages).

A Deposit Will Reserve Your Bulk Order

Upon receipt of your order form and deposit of $100 for a split or shared half, $200 for a half, or $400 for whole beef, we will send you a letter of acceptance (or regret, if our limited supply is already sold). Make checks payable to West Wind Farm.

Transport and Delivery of Bulk Orders

After aging, butchering, packaging, and freezing at 0ºF, your Mountain Pastured Beef will be stored at 0ºF for several days by the processor in Lewisburg, WV.  Then it will be transported by reefer truck at or near 0ºF to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.  We have three delivery points in Maryland: one in Bethesda, north of Washington, one in Accokeek, south of Washington, and one in Owings Mills, northwest of Baltimore.  Delivery takes place October 17 or 18, 2002, depending on delivery point.

Refund Policy

We believe we have a very reliable system of raising, processing, and delivering our Mountain Pastured Beef.  However, if for any reason (such as drought) we are unable to fill your order, all payments made by you will be refunded promptly.




To view the contents of individual mixed-cut sampler packets, visit our sampler webpage (http://www.westwindfarm.biz/samplers); then contact Martha Holdridge (phone 301-229-2813; fax 301-229-0910; email martha@westwindfarm.biz) to choose and reserve a packet and arrange for payment and pickup or delivery. 

Please Pay for Your Sampler Packets in Full at Time of Order

The price of all mixed-cut packets is $65.00; price of hamburger packets is $10.00 per 2-lb. packet. Please pay in advance by check or cash. (Make checks payable to West Wind Farm.)

Delivery or Pickup of Sampler Packet Orders

You may arrange to pick up your sampler packet order in Bethesda/Glen Echo, MD, free of charge or have it delivered direct to you for a fee of $5.00, $10.00, or $15.00, depending on distance. West Virginia residents, please call to make special arrangements. We do not ship orders.

Comments from our Customers
  • We have really been enjoying your beef, just the two of us.
  • Very lean, very flavorful...
  • Delicious! And the packaging is very well done.
  • I'm very pleased with your beef... I recommend it for anyone on a low fat diet.
  • It's great thank you

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